DESCRIPTION: Join us at No Regrets Farm & Sanctuary in the Southern Willamette Valley. Goat Happy Hour® is a trademarked term meaning goat therapy. It is all about getting outdoors in a beautiful setting, surrounding yourself with animals and disconnecting from stress.
We start out at “Goat Henge” with an introduction of all the animals and safety tips for a great experience. The large boulders in the field overlook the Coastal Mountains to the west, and like a scene from fairytales we have the historic Bellfountain church to the north. We are surrounded by grass farm fields, hazelnut orchards, and large old-growth Douglas Fir. The scenery in the Bellfountain Valley is stunning in every direction.

Lainey, the Founder of Original Goat Yoga™ will take you for a quick tour around the farm walking with the goats and their three huge and lovable guardian dogs with the historic 1890 barn that is magical space. After that, she’ll leave you alone to soak in the goat therapy. This therapeutic experience is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, and you will leave feeling happy, refreshed and restored ! If you’re looking for an experience that is good for your mental health, this is it! Get outdoors, surround yourself with loving, adorable therapy animals and disconnect from the stress. You deserve it!

Please READ Guidelines:

• Please remove all dangly jewelry to avoid the goats eating it. (One of my goats still has a diamond pendent in his stomach…lesson learned!)
• Keep anything you won’t need in your car. One of our dogs is a thief and it will end up under the barn and we’ll never see it again. ?
• If you have long hair, it’s a good idea to wear it back or wear a hat. Goat’s might think your hair is hay. Doesn’t this sound fun?
• Please remember to wear proper shoes! I see so many people show up with sandals or flip flops and that is a recipe for disaster when a goat steps on your toes! (Trust me on that one too!)
• Please take all trash with you.

*If you want to add more than 2 people to your experience, please contact This location allows up to 10 people.

Make Your Experience BETTER: Feel free to bring your favorite drink of choice and pack a picnic basket.